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Laser Engraving (Workshop)

  6th - 8th    9th - 12th     adults  

Students will design and create a wood or glass project using Adobe Illustrator and will print using a laser engraver.  Students can take their projects home with them.  Registration is required for this workshop.  There is a morning (10:00AM-12:15PM) and afternoon (12:45PM-3:00PM) session.  Please click HERE to register.  Search by date (December 1st) and by location (Alexandria).


Build a Bridge

     Pre-K        K - 2nd      3rd - 5th    6th - 8th    9th - 12th     adults  

Students will get an introduction to structural (bridge) engineering and the roles/responsibilities of an engineer. They will then have the opportunity to design and build a bridge with limited materials and design constraints.


NOVA Automotive

  6th - 8th   9th - 12th     adults   

Hands on activities related to automotive technology.



  6th - 8th   9th - 12th     adults   

Explore the world of internet security and more!


     Pre-K        K - 2nd      3rd - 5th    6th - 8th    9th - 12th     adults  

Titan Robotics will be doing a variety of drop in activities. We will have a robot demo where we will showcase our 2018 competition robot. We will also be doing STEM activities such as building mini catapults with popsicle sticks, making circuits using LEDs and conducive play dough, and stomp rockets.

Medical Laboratory Science & Phlebotomy

  6th - 8th    9th - 12th     adults  

Do you like medical science and working behind the scenes? Come join us as we solve the mystery behind patient samples.


     Pre-K        K - 2nd      3rd - 5th    6th - 8th    9th - 12th     adults  

Come and learn what is in it for you at ISACA GWDC and NOVA-ISG (ISACA Student Group). The group is dedicated to connecting the industry, employers, and cybersecurity professional with the students.

Engineering Project Presentations

     Pre-K        K - 2nd      3rd - 5th    6th - 8th    9th - 12th     adults    

Astronomy App: 10:00AM

Arduino Tic-Tac-Toe with RGB Display: 10:20AM

Sudoku: 10:40AM

Two-Player Tic-Tac-Toe: 11:00AM

Physics Application: 11:20AM

Polynomial Differentiator: 11:40AM

Mental Health Maximizer App: 12:00PM

Visual Calculator: 12:20PM

Ride Pricing Calculator: 12:40PM

Banking/Loan Interface: 1:00PM

Human Development Index Calculator: 1:20PM

Unit Circle Calculator: 1:40PM

Universal Decimal-Binary Converter: 2:00PM


Activities & Workshops

lights, camera, anatomage!

     Pre-K        K - 2nd      3rd - 5th    6th - 8th    9th - 12th     adults  

Have you ever wondered what your body looks like on the inside?? If your answer is yes, then come explore the wonders of the human body with us as we dissect a DIGITAL HUMAN CADAVER!  Get an up close & personal look at your favorite body systems as they rotate in 3 dimensions.  No gloves or tools are necessary to be a surgeon just bring your curiosity & questions.


     Pre-K        K - 2nd      3rd - 5th    6th - 8th   9th - 12th     adults  

Learn about programming and robotics using VEX, Sphero, and Osmo platforms!

Build your fleet-virtual ship design

     Pre-K        K - 2nd      3rd - 5th    6th - 8th    9th - 12th     adults  

Build a boat with recyclables to accomplish a underwater challenges.  Learn about available ​grants for organizations.


     Pre-K        K - 2nd      3rd - 5th    6th - 8th    9th - 12th     adults  

Interact and handle natural phenomena such as hydrophobicity, effects of CO2 on water, acidity, paper chromatography and magnetism.


alka seltzer rockets

   3rd - 5th    6th - 8th   

​Experience the power of chemical reactions and launch a rocket using a film canister and an Alka-Seltzer tablet!

Augmented and virtual reality

   3rd - 5th    6th - 8th   

​Come experience some amazing augmented and virtual reality experiences using Google Expeditions (Ocean Rift, Titans of Space, etc). 

Biology/Anatomy and Physiology

 3rd - 5th    6th - 8th    9th - 12th     adults 

Participants will use human torso anatomy models, skeleton anatomy models, dumbbells, stretch bands to learn how bones, muscles, and joints work together in jumping jacks, push up, squat, calf raises, biceps curls...and how to be active and safe.


NOVA Geology

      Pre-K        K - 2nd      3rd - 5th    6th - 8th    9th - 12th     adults    

Come checkout our stream table, explore rock formations, and learn about human ancestry using four model skulls.

NOBEL coaching and tutoring

      Pre-K        K - 2nd      3rd - 5th    6th - 8th    9th - 12th     adults    

Online coaching and tutoring for academic and personal growth.

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