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Activities & Workshops

The Inventions That Gave Us the Movies (12 PM - 2 PM only)

   3rd - 5th    6th - 8th   9th - 12th     adults   

Before film as we know it today could exist, three important scientific questions had to be address: how to capture images of reality, how to project them so that many people could see them all at one, and how to make the images appear to move. In this presentation, we'll explore the fascinating history of science's approach to the answering of these questions, beginning with prehistoric humans and traveling forward in time through Leonardo Da Vinci to the all-important question "Can horses fly?" — and beyond!

Psychology is a Science

     Pre-K        K - 2nd      3rd - 5th    6th - 8th  

Celebrate the scientific studies of the senses! 

A Career in Veterinary Technology

   3rd - 5th    6th - 8th   9th - 12th     adults   

Would you like a career caring for animals?  Come see our exhibits and ask your questions about the field of Veterinary Technology. We have interactive stations for learning animal anatomy, microscope slides such as parasites and animal cells, interesting radiographs (x-rays), hands-on bandaging techniques, and other related animal nursing skills.


Zoetrope Animation 

   3rd - 5th    6th - 8th   9th - 12th     adults   

In this workshop, attendees will combined the science of how the eye and brain works along with art to construct their own zoetrope using simple materials. A zoetrope demonstrates the principles behind animation to create the illusion a motion from a series of static images. 

#chemistryiscool (10 AM, 10:45 AM, 11:30 AM, & 12:15 PM - ends at 1 PM)

   3rd - 5th    6th - 8th   9th - 12th     adults   

This involves demonstration of chemical reactions that involve creating energy in form of light, heat, and sound. These reactions are fast and colorful which makes them very interesting. 

Fun Science Activities  - Do It Yourself! (11 AM - 1 PM only)

   K - 2nd      3rd - 5th    6th - 8th   9th - 12th     adults   

Science is all around us and kids can pick up science concepts from their everyday activities. In this session, children will do some simple experiments on their own including making your own slime!  

Flubber Bubbles & Skittles Science
(Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology TWIST)

   K - 2nd      3rd - 5th    6th - 8th   9th - 12th     adults   

Exploring the World of Biology

     Pre-K        K - 2nd      3rd - 5th    6th - 8th   9th - 12th     adults   

Come and explore the wonderful world of biology with hands-on experiments and demonstrations. You will have the opportunity to examine fossils from the Chesapeake Bay, touch a live blue crab, view your cheek cells under a microscope, and create an electrocardiograph (ECG) of the electrical activity of your heart. There will also be Legos to play with, pictures of the bay to color, slime to create, and much more. 

Phish Me! (10 AM - 12 PM only)

 9th - 12th     adults    

The purpose of this workshop is to show participants how easy it is to harvest user credentials. We'll clone a website, send a phishing email, have a victim submit their credentials and the attacker record the entry. This is a very common phishing attack that happens everyday and participants should have a clear understanding after the workshop.

Learn to Code with Swift Playgrounds

   3rd - 5th    6th - 8th  

Try using Swift Playgrounds to learn serious code on an iPad in a seriously fun way! Help the adorable Byte reach his goals and collect gems along the way. This app will have you coding, using actual coding language, in no time! Presented by LCPS Liberty Elementary faculty.

Cracking the Code

   3rd - 5th    6th - 8th   9th - 12th     adults   

Choose your program and perform hands-on coding using Java. Write the code and test out your program.  Use real-world coding tools used by developers in the field.

Computer Game Design Workshops 
Mason Game & Technology Academy 

(Click here for workshop schedule)

   3rd - 5th    6th - 8th  

Do you love playing video games? Have a great game idea that you've always wanted to make? Come join us to learn the basics of how to make a game of your own! Students will be encouraged to work together in an interactive environment with other kids of similar interests to explore the beginnings of forming their own game. We'll be teaching different concepts throughout the day, alternating between 30 minute demos on these concepts and time in between to meet others and work together to create a project of your very own - join in at any time and Press Play to Learn! Presented by the Mason Game and Technology Academy.

Topics covered include: 

-Level Design Concepts

-Basic Coding

-Generating 3D Objects in a Virtual World  


     Pre-K        K - 2nd      3rd - 5th    6th - 8th  

NOVA Loudoun's Math club presents a fun arts and crafts with a blast from the past, Spirographs!  Come learn about this crazy tool and the mathematics behind the swirls it makes. 

Our Mysterious Planet

     Pre-K        K - 2nd      3rd - 5th    6th - 8th   9th - 12th     adults   

See our cool minerals, rocks, fossils, and geologic processes on display and learn the screts of our mysterious planet.

Build a Plant

     Pre-K        K - 2nd      3rd - 5th    6th - 8th   9th - 12th     adults   

Ever wonder how you can clone a plant? At this workshop visitors will learn how to make a cutting from a Jade plant that will make an exact copy of the “mother plant.” Take home your cutting and watch it grow!


Soils and the Water Table!

     Pre-K        K - 2nd      3rd - 5th    6th - 8th   9th - 12th     adults   

A live, active demonstration on how water on our planet flows right under our feet!

Phun with Physics!

   3rd - 5th    6th - 8th   9th - 12th     adults   

Come learn about the principles of physics. Join us for demonstrations on gravity, velocity, and more!

NOVA SySTEMic STEM Activities

     Pre-K        K - 2nd      3rd - 5th    6th - 8th   9th - 12th     adults   

Learn about programming and robotics using VEX, Sphero, and Osmo platforms! 

Measuring Speed with Hot Wheels (Microsoft)

   3rd - 5th    6th - 8th   9th - 12th     adults   

Join us for a hands-on STEM learning experience featuring Hot Wheels to measure speed to understand forces and motion. Teachers, students, and parents are welcome to drop by the store to participate in this 30-minute project-based learning experience. The project is designed for 11 to 14-year-old students but can easily be completed by younger students with parental support. 
By the end of the experience, participants will have:
Built a spoiler switch to measure the speed of a model car at different points on a race track
Use the race track to test the potential and kinetic energy of the model cars using analog and digital data. 
Use the race track to test the strength of a collision using cars with different masses. 
Participants will also get to keep their model car after performing their tests on the racetrack. 

Polymer Palooza (Children's Science Center)

     Pre-K        K - 2nd      3rd - 5th    6th - 8th  

Come investigate polymers by making Slime, Bioplastics, and playing with “Snow”(Sodium Polyacrylate)!

Innovations in Automotive Technology (BMW of Sterling)

   3rd - 5th    6th - 8th   9th - 12th     adults   

Visitors will experience several opportunities to engage in technical applications from researched advancements in automotive technology including demonstrations of the Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) high speed optical fiber network system and remote connected vehicle operations in a controlled environment. Visitors will also be able to explore properties of polymer materials used in vehicles of today and learn about new materials being tested for use in vehicles of the future. The exhibit will also give a glimpse into the green energy technologies currently implemented by industry to provide cleaner manufacturing and production processes. Student attendees will have opportunities to explore topics, ask questions, participate and learn how STEM subjects and related careers create meaningful impacts in daily life through automotive, materials and energy research. 

Make sure to check out our exhibitor activities!

  • 3D Herndon *Silver Sponsor*

  • Ashburn Robotics Corporation 

  • BMW of Sterling

  • Bricks 4 Kidz

  • Children's Science Center

  • Cyberjutsu Girls Academy

  • Engineering For Kids NOVA

  • Hillsboro Charter Academy

  • Internet Education Foundation

  • Loudoun County Public Library

  • Loudoun Water 

  • Maker Faire NoVa/NOVA Labs

  • Mason Game & Technology Academy

  • Microsoft

  • Mindframe Education

  • Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Divison

  • Riverside High School Robotics

  • Robotics For Youth

  • Russian School of Mathematics

  • STEM Kidz

  • Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology (TWIST)

  • Virginia529 

Thanks to all of our sponsors for helping make NOVA STEM Day Loudoun a great success!

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